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Corporate Profile

Corporate Data

Company Name NEC Platforms, Ltd.
Established February 8, 1918
Capital 10.331 billion yen
Location 2-3, Kanda-Tsukasamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8532 Japan (Head office, TEL: +81-3-3259-1311)
(Registered head office: 2-6-1, Kitamikata, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Pref. 213-8511 Japan)
Representative Representative Director and President: Kimihiko Fukuda
Net Sales Approx. 345 billion yen (Non-consolidated, as of March 2021)
Employees 6,853 (Non-consolidated, as of April 2021)
Main Bases Sales Bases East Japan Branch, Tokyo Branch, Chubu Branch, Kansai Branch, West Japan Branch
Development and Production Bases Sendai Office, Shiroishi / Yonezawa Plant, Fukushima Plant, Nasu Plant, Nakagawara Office, Abiko Office (NEC Abiko plant), Tamagawa Office (NEC Tamagawa plant), Takatsu Office, Fuchu Office (NEC Fuchu plant), Kakegawa Plant, Kofu Plant, Otsuki Plant, Kansai OBP Office (NEC's base), Matsuyama Office (NEC' s base)
Business Segments Development, production, sales, installation, maintenance, and system solutions of ICT equipment
Product Subsidiaries NEC Platforms Thai Company Limited (Pathum Thani Province in Thailand)
Production of ICT system equipment such as low capacity PBXs, key telephones, projectors, and vehicle equipment

NEC Platform Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (Soochow city in China)
Production of access network equipment, and embedded devices such as scanners

NEC Platform Technologies Hong Kong Limited (Hong Kong in China)
QCD management of ODM/EMS, Purchasing from Greater China and APAC
Development Subsidiaries

NEC Enterprise Communication Technologies, Inc.
Development of service oriented communications software and applications

Development and design of equipment and systems for various vehicles

Domestic Sales Companies NEC Shizuoka Business, Ltd.
Sales and maintenance of ICT solutions

NNT Corporation
Handling NTT Group products

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