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Fully responding to versatile customer needs through manufacturing that features high quality, competitive cost and supply chain management (SCM), overpowering global competition.

Mechanism of production of multiple models in small lots meeting diverse customer needs

Production of multiple models in small lots meeting diverse customer needs is achieved through efficient production lines and in-house production based on production innovation activities over many years.

Efficient production lines by multi-skilled workers & Molding process is also installed in house

Equipment and activities achieving high quality

Quality is built in through entire processes supported by a variety of in-house kaizen (continuous improvement) activities that acquired ISO 9001 certification and through expansion and improvement of equipment.

Reflow soldering machine by vapor phase soldering (VPS) process & X-ray inspection system

Activities in total supply chain management for short lead time

Activities of NEC Platforms cover entire supply chain management including distribution network throughout Japan, product shipping service on behalf of its customers, and procurement of parts and components in small lots through KANBAN just-in-time delivery system.

Comprehensive and painstaking environmental considerations made throughout product life cycle from design and development to product recycling.