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Security Advisories

Important -- Request on Product Safety

October 21, 2020

Today, as information technology is advancing at an astonishing pace, companies are facing threats that are also growing more sophisticated. To provide safe and secure products to our customers and society, at NEC Platforms, we have dedicated organizations and training for ensuring product security, and we conduct secure development and production for the entire product lifecycle. Also, to counter these increasingly sophisticated threats, we conduct investigations and offer technical support for ensuring that our products remain safe even after shipping, and our maintenance programs provide appropriate information and support to our customers.
(Generally, we do not provide individual safety information, such as specific exploits for vulnerabilities.)

- To ensure that our customers can use our products safely, please enter into an agreement for the maintenance programs that we offer.

- For products where our maintenance support has ended, please upgrade to a newer model as soon as possible.

- NEC Platforms prohibits the analysis or modification (including reverse engineering) of our products by any parties other than NEC Platforms, regardless of whether our maintenance support period is still valid. Customers are not allowed to analyze, alter, and make other modifications to our products.

Vulnerabilities of UNIVERGE Communication Products

October 21, 2020


Vulnerabilities of UNIVERGE Communication Products for SMB

Aug 31 2020

     CVE-2019-20025, CVE-2019-20026, CVE-2019-20027, CVE-2019-20028, CVE-2019-20029,
     CVE-2019-20030, CVE-2019-20031, CVE-2019-20032, CVE-2019-20033

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